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Stuart Calcote

During his 29-year broadcasting career, Stuart Calcote has produced and directed over 3000 hours of broadcast television and has been honored with dozens of film and television awards including 29 Emmys. As one of the first Americans in the world with extensive HDTV production and broadcast experience, Calcote produced and directed the first ever HDTV field documentary in 1993 (The Strongest Link) capturing seven international film and television awards including the Grand Award for Best Film & Video in competition with 4,100 entries from 37 countries.

Notwithstanding his remarkable creative career in film and television production, Calcote is a practiced entrepreneur and businessman, having played the leading role in the formation of three entertainment companies. Calcote co-founded Harbor Light Entertainment, a motion picture development & production company based in Hollywood; co-founded Lotus, Inc, a Japanese content promotion company based in Tokyo; and co-founded Variation Entertainment Inc, a Los Angeles-Tokyo based motion picture financing company.

Calcote is currently President of Electronic Pictures Corporation in Hollywood (dba HD Pictures), an HDTV production company. Between 1992 - 1997, Calcote was Executive Producer and Director of International Programs for NHK, Japan's public broadcasting system. Fluent in Japanese, Calcote has the honor of being the only foreign national (non-Japanese) ever to have held a senior staff position with NHK in its 80-year history. Prior to joining NHK, Calcote produced and directed a wide variety of programs for NBC stations division, WKYC-TV, United Artists Productions, WUAB-TV and WDCA-TV in Washington, DC.